Counting in Spanish

The other day my husband and I decided to make a video…. That’s not totally true, it wasn’t a random idea. He is doing a course to become a Spanish teacher foreigners or ELE as they call it here.  So for his course they had to create a blog. That was an interesting task in it of itself. With a little redecorating touches from me it looked fantastic! As we were was thinking about what to do it came to me! Oranges! Counting oranges! It’s simple, easy and well we had a bag at home. So what did we do … we set up the PC and started the video! No practice run nothing! The video turned out to be a great success! My kids at the academy even liked it! Well let me give you the address and you be the judge!

Why I almost had two extra showers after leaving my house this am!


So while I was walking to work this morning I had to go through a small obsctacle course in order not to get wet! I had to change my  walking path direction three times to avoid getting sprinkled on!! In addition while I was scouting out my possible paths the city worker deceided to turn on another set of sprinklers right next to me! Luckily the sprinkler was broken and it only spouted water upwards and not in a rotating fashion! He didn´t even care or say sorry!! Maybe if I screamed bloody murder he would have noticed! Well I would have to have done that in Spanish and not curse up a storm in English right?? Well I did curse under my breath in Spanish!

I am really starting to think about taking out my rain boots again just to walk to work and then change my shoes when I get there? Or should I get a poncho to match??

So in conculsion  it´s okay to start the sprinkler system in the park when they haven´t put down any seeds. Right because that´s how you grow grass?? Am I missing something here?