Shi………shin splints……

Hi all.. I am sorry that I have not written last weekend’s update till now. I am actually sitting in a Ski Station.. Belleayre to be exact on my lunch break writing my post. 

The second weekend I was all excited.. I was working according to the plan running at least 3 times in the week. Cross training as well. Trying to get my 11,000 steps in everyday too.. Then Saturday came and I thought great I am so ready! Then I started running.. I was okay till the shin splints started.. they made me go slower and slower and it was even painful while walking.. The program diretor was explaining the various reasons why people get shin splints and what helps to prevent them.. I have new shoes, orthothics, compression socks, and such. So I can’t blame it on the fact I don’t have the right equipment.. It’s just my legs…shins.. whatever bodypart you want to call it… 

I tried this week running after the painful Saturday run.. I was successful in that I was abl to complete two full 1.5 miles on the treadmill. The third day was only 1 mile. I just could not give any more and didn’t want to suffer any more pain in the shins. I came home really fustratetd and annoyed that I am still suffering.. I know it takes time and I need to be positive.. its just hard when it’s so pain ful. I tired dseeing my doc but she has no appiointents till April 23rd! That’s a month away……

This weekend I will not be running.. cross training at Belleayre Mountain instead… Let’s see what happens during the week.. hopefully less painfull shin splints….

Fear + Skiing =

This image is all too familiar to me…. You see I went to Vermont this last holiday weekend. I went to Sugarbush, VT. I have only skied there once before so I was bit hesitant to go back. So I did go on Saturday and did a few runs on the bunny slope and on the one green slope next to the bunny. So your probably thinking that this woman is not a good skier . It’s quiet clear right? She can’t seem to get off the bunny slope let alone stop using her pizza formation with her skis to go down the hill. Well what if I told you that the person in the cartoon pic you see to your right really can ski? She can ski in parallel (or french fries as I heard this weekend from some small skiers). Does that seem right to you? Someone who has passed the pizza, house, ice cream cone stage of skiing can’t get off the bunny? What??? Yes it’s true that was me, on Saturday……
Fear is a funny thing you see, it prevents us from doing things we love. It’s a funny thing to because it’s not like you can touch fear to make it stop or throw it out. It’s all in your brain. A place that seems to have a lot of doors but my keys never let me open them.
Well after my Saturday experience, I was really nervous and scared to go back out again. I recently joined a ski club (Ramapo Mountain Ski Club to be exact. So as a member I have two years to pass a basic ski test. Well I was offered to take the test this pas Sunday over at Mad River Glen (The Ski Club’s lodge is based at  MRG) .  Now I have never skied there before so the thought of going there to take my test in -11f weather was not very appealing. Plus the fear had really taken over to the point that I  teared up in bed thinking about going out skiing for the day!  I kept trying to explain to everyone that I really could ski but it’s this damn fear that won’t let me do anything……
So then on Monday we decided we would go back to Sugarbush , I was hesitant.  There was two other gals and my husband and I meet this past weekend. One of the gals went to MRG on Sunday. So I was very nervous about going with that gal to Sugarbush. So it was funny that this  gal had the impression from the way that I spoke about myself that I could barely stand on my skis, let alone go down the green slope. So I waited for her a the middle section of the green, and we sent down together. She almost fell to the floor when she saw how I skied.  We proceeded to the chair lift and after getting on she confronted me.  She was dumbfounded that I was able to get on the chairlift while talking.  Remember she was under the impression and I couldn’t even stand up on my skis. The whole chair ride she was ready to push me off. Why you ask?? It’s because her impression of my skiing was the complete opposite. She said that I was much better than her.  The funny thing was my brain was set on the fact that I was the worst skier that ever lived.  So for the rest of the day I pretty much got my ass kicked by her because she was just in complete shock about my ability.
I tell this story to help those of you out there who have a fear wether it be like mine with skiing for something else. Don’t let the fear control you.. i know it’s hard, I am not saying it goes away. What I am saying is try with all you your might to fight your way through because the end result is amazing.
I dedicate this post to Anna, thank you for helping me get over the bunny slope! 


Calling all Ski Fans! Rampo Mountain Ski Club the Ski Club that my husband and I belong to, is showing a Warren Miller Film


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