My new fav actvity!

You know it’s funny. I never thought that I would enjoy biking riding. I mean I rode a bike as a kid…. like all kids do. You ride around your house or the parking lot of the local high school. Then you become a teenager and you put the bike in the back of the garage and beg for the car keys… Since last summer… I have found a new appreciation for my bike and the ride! There are days when I am stressed out at work and all I can think about is how nice would a bike ride would be. So I race home to get the bike in the car and I’m off. I go to a local park about 20 mins from my house. Then I strap on my helmet put in the ear buds blast the music and ride!

We are quiet lucky to live near awesome bike paths. I am no expert road biker or fantastic mountain biker. I just a comfort hybrid biker who loves going fast!

Some recent places we have been to bike are North County Trail in TarryTown, NY  Dutchess Rail Trail, Hopewell Junction, NY Duck Pond, Ridgewood.

However as I learned today when biking one must deal with some obstacles, today’s were rain, a flat tire (my first ever) and not being near any store!, nasty mosquito bites…. I learned how to change my tire today but now I need to get my own set of tools but I secretly hope I get a flat when my hubby is with me!

Here are some pictures of our adventures.ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Me and my bike

It’s a bit funny sometimes how our hobbies and interest change after time.. So my recent past time/hobby/exercise kick has been biking. I bought a bike back in 2011 in PA, Lancaster actually which is funny. In Amish country I bought a bike. They don’t actually use bikes there to be honest… Anyways getting back to biking….. I have been biking more than last summer at least I think so. Its so strange that I have this craving to go biking… Sometimes I find myself thinking okay if i pack the bike into the car and bring my biking clothing, I can go straight from work. I have indeed done this at least once or twice now. Last week I rode for 6 miles I think non stop… I was really proud of myself for doing that. I remember last year I would take more breaks but this year I find that I take less. Angel says I have more stamina for it that last year. Funny thing is last year I weighed at least 15 lbs less! Haha! Anyways biking is not a relaxing sport when you think about it… In order to move the bike you must be the one moving the pedals… I am not a real walking fan or runner by any means so I am happy that I can bike…. It’s also interesting to me when I add music I seem even more motivated to move my legs. I am very lucky to have a great husband who lets me ride in front and set the pace… I think it’s a secretive ploy to make me go faster because I find that I do ! Anyway, I am by no means at the level of my husband… I am need the flat, paved path! Well it’s not too bad on my last ride I averaged 9.0 miles per hour..that at least 1 mph faster than about 3 weeks ago! Well I don’t have a bike gadget yet to track my speed I do have a app! It’s called Strava, it’s kinda cool for being a free one. It tells you speed and distance and elevation. You can also save your trip and see how you rank against others. So after my 13 mile ride I check the app and I came in 9 out of 10… Not bad for a casual bike rider haha! For the segment I did it in 38.42 mins at 9.3 mph. The number one was 14.9 mph in 23.59 mins. So that me even prouder!

We have been to a number of places for biking….
1. Duck Pond in Ridgewood, NJ
2. Rockland Lake, Congers NY
3. Memorial Lake, Congers NY
4. Walk over the Hudson Bridge Poughkeepise, NY
5. Highlands Rail Trail, Highlands, NY
6. Wallkill Rail Trail, Wallkill, NY
7. Dutchess County Rail Trail, Newburgh NY

I also can’t forget my favorite accessories!! I highly recommend a bell for your bike, a backpack for water (it’s so much easier drinking that way!) and a cargo net and a platform on the back for your bike so you can carry stuff!!!

Hope you enjoyed my adventures in biking…. Here are some pics of our adventures!