Trash the dress-What the hel…. did you say..

Yes there I said it “Trash the dress” can you believe it? Well I couldn’t believe it… that’s what I saw this last weekend in a Wedding Expo. It was a new gimmick from a photographer ! I swear the girl was trying to sell this special album to the couple I went with to the expo. So basically it entails destroying your $$$$$ wedding dress and suit for you gentlemen. Yeah I think it’s fantastic to put on my wedding dress again and go to the ocean and trash the dress! Wonderful! let me put my money to waste while someone photographs it and then I pay to have that in a album. Are you serious??? Oh did I mention that the girl was telling my friends that it was soooo American?? I have never seen this ever in any wedding pages. I mean maybe I am out of the loop of the US but serious! I need feed back on this please!!!!

Bodas Bodas Weddings Weddings Money Money Money

Well this weekend I went to the Expo Bodas y Events here in Zaragoza. It´s an expo to look for photographers, restaurants, music, thankyou gifts, flowers and dress and everything else that goes along with planning a wedding. Well it was just as disappointing as it was last year. This year there were even less companies and small business owners. It´s quite clear that the crisis here in Spain is still going strong.

Well I went along to be a consultant for two friends of ours who are getting married next year.  It was interesting to be on the other side this time. Been there done that feeling was nice but strange at the same time. I listened to many speeches in regard to honeymoon packages. They are so expensive!! I tried to convince my friends not to choose a package deal and  try to plan it themselves. I think it´s the best way you can get control of what you want to do and what you want to pay for. As far as everything else at the expo there wasn´t much! Photographers there were less, there was only 1 stand for flowers, and a few for gifts. Dresses there was one company or two I think but not much more. Restaurants galore and banquet halls plenty.  I think that´s the only thing this expo is good for really and well photographers yes. 

The only fun thing was that I was able to say hi to the photographers, videographers, and catering place we used. They were all so happy to see me and chat for a bit. It was so nice to see them again and that they remembered me! I had a chat with one of them about another company who is a Wedding Planner and Decorator. We came to the conclusion that´s really what they do decorate.  He has worked with them in the past and they never called about their schedules or asked them anything. Which i thought was strange. I mean isnt´the wedding planner the boss of everyone even the bride?? I don´t know many that´s the image I have from the states and from the movies! It´s not wonder that I have always wanted to do that job , Wedding planner. Even the woman who did my makeup told me that I should be a wedding planner! She barely knows me but sometimes I think it´s too obvious!  Well I think it doesn´t work much here in Spain honestly or maybe I am wrong.  It would be cool to have that job but stressful at the same time.

 However I am still shocked at the amount of money that goes into weddings. People are willing to just throw money at this event without blinking twice. I mean I understand that it´s just once in your life but still ! Well I have learned a lot from planning our´s and I know we spent more money on things that others wouldn´t do so, but it´s true every wedding is different.

Spain is different!

Besos desde Zaragoza!