First Photo Assignment

#4 Vamos!! (Let's go)#1 a serious look at the camera#2 Angel in between the spokes#3 A quick chat on the ferry#5 Senorita#6 Spanish Music Corner

First Photo Assignment, a set on Flickr.

Check out my photos from my assignment from photography class!

Kinder Eggs Banned!

So today on the radio on my way to work what did I hear?? Kinder Eggs are now banned, illegal, not importable to the USA! I can’t believe it!  Seriously?? Yes I did  a little research and it is true. The reason being that they small toys are a choking hazard. Right well I understand that but isn’t it also the reasonability of the parents to watch what their children eat? Yes if you take you’re eyes off your kids for one sec they could turn around and eat something or put something in their mouth they shouldn’t.  However that means they have to ban Kinder Eggs???  I am not a happy camper about this! I have been eating Kinder Eggs since I was a kid and I am still alive!