Daffodils and the New York Botanical Garden

I wrote a post earlier this year about the anniversary of my father’s passing  this year. This year is a signifant one, 20 years. I thought about doing someone special to mark the occasion when I received an email from the New York Botantical Garden about 1 Million daffodil project. My wheels started spinning… I will make a donation in his memory.. With days before the deadline to be included in the first planning round I finally got my act together to muster up the courage to call to make the donation. I kept it a secret from my mother , brother and uncles (my fathers brothers in Germany). I made the call and asked for 4 cards so I could personalize them for each brother and my mother and brother.  I gave the card to my mother and brother.. Both thought it was a fantastic idea. When I made the donation, the nice woman from the NYBG told me that for the amount of my donation, I would be invited to the planting ceremony. I was surprised to recieve an invitation. I made a donation of $100.00 USD, which equated to 20 bulbs, yes I did that on purpose. I forgot to mention that I explained my story to the NYBG worker and she thought it was such a a beautiful gesture. 

This past Friday I attended the planting ceremony at the NYBG. I saw mostly what I thought were wealthy donors..Many knew each other and clearly had some connection to the garden. I was surprised to see a local school as well. There were maybe 20-25 children, planting with such excitement it was beautiful to watch their eyes light up digging the holes and dropping the bulbs in. Soon after arriving someone from the garden staff came and explained the process and plan for the site. I did learn a little bit about planting daffodil bulbs. The. The ceremony started.. The whole time I thought about how beautiful this will be in the spring time and how my father would have loved to see it too.  Daffodils were not his favorite but they do multiply year after year. Some of the daffodils there actually have been around since the 1920s and 1930s. Therefore I thought this donation would be perfect as my mother, brother and I  can enjoy this for years to come. In additional when the grandchildren of my  father arrive they too can have a special connection to the NYBG.  

Below  are some photo from the event. I promise I will followup I the spring  with some shots for the flowers in bloom!





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Monet and the lilies…