Where does one find motivation? Is it only when you have something very important in your life that you can find it? I’m having a lot of trouble finding my motivation lately. How can I be motivated? What motivates me? Why can’t I find my motivation? I can’t seem to answer any of these questions lately.  I wish it was as easy as a magic spell but it’s not… I am disappointed in myself because I know I found it once before last year for my wedding. Since then I haven’t been able to locate it. I don’t know maybe I should have but a tracking device on it. You know like a really expensive GPS . What would that cost be?? Priceless right? Hahaha… I think to myself I did last year so what’s different this time? Well there is no big party, white wedding dress, cameras, lights and action. However we are talking about my health so it should be enough motivation right? Nope, not enough for me, but the why is bugging me more. Some mornings I wake up and say today I start, today is the day. Then like an idiot I let things get to me and fall down and keep falling.  Like this cartoon says “M” the letter of motivation. Shouldn’t it be at the beginning of the alphabet so that we can remember it better?

Any ideas what exit it is on the highway of life?

Counting in Spanish

The other day my husband and I decided to make a video…. That’s not totally true, it wasn’t a random idea. He is doing a course to become a Spanish teacher foreigners or ELE as they call it here.  So for his course they had to create a blog. That was an interesting task in it of itself. With a little redecorating touches from me it looked fantastic! As we were was thinking about what to do it came to me! Oranges! Counting oranges! It’s simple, easy and well we had a bag at home. So what did we do … we set up the PC and started the video! No practice run nothing! The video turned out to be a great success! My kids at the academy even liked it! Well let me give you the address and you be the judge!