Give your ol’ Spanish-English Dictionary a new home!

Something so simple as a dictionary in this day in age is sometimes lost and forgotten about. My husband told me that he asked his students at ESL tonight if they had a dictionary. He was shocked to hear their answer was no. He found it hard to believe….The truth is the students we help on Monday nights at our local church are mostly immigrant workers. The are making minimum wage or sometimes less than that. So I am going to make this simple… if you happen to have a old, used, unused Spanish English English Spanish dictionary please send it or give it to me. We would like to collect these dictionaries to donate tot he ESL program at our church. It’s essential piece when learning a language. I know that I have taken having one for granted. Many of us also take for granted the fact that we have the internet at our finger tips. Wether it’s our smart phones or our home computers. If we don’t know something we google it.  Our students don’t have that luxury, so we would like to give them a little one… a dictionary.

So search your attic, car, closet and storage locker and give me your Spanish English English Spanish dictionary! I promise they will go to very good homes!

Unas palabras sobre mi boda…….

My spanish debut!

So amidst my packing boxes, saying good bye, throwing away lots of unwanted things, trying to decide what I want to bring to my new life! I recorded my first podcast! It was a scary feat to begin with but I even did it in a foreign language and not my first foreign language but my 4th (German 1st, French 2nd (don’t speak anything!) Chinese 3rd (yeah right!) so Spanish 4th!)! I was so incredibly nervous! I wrote all my notes to the questions but in English I don’t remember why really anymore but it did help me prepare for the interview! As you can see from my photo I really did prepare a lot of material! It was a great experience I have to say. We laughed I think from the beginning to the end! What was even more nerve racking was that I the very first one to do any type of podcast for the company! I did the podcast with Alberto  Amarcord Bodas de Cine, they are the same fantastic group who made my wedding trailer! (If you haven’t already scroll down and look for all you need is love video here on my blog!)

You’re probably wondering how this all started well. When we went to pick up our wedding video Alberto and he asked me casually if I was interested in doing a podcast talking about my wedding and the planning and so-forth . I causally said yes and told him that I would be leaving the country in a few weeks and thought well yeah never gonna happen! Well the week before I left Alberto called and said hey can you still record the pod cast? I said yeah why not! Then when I hung up the phone I was like oh my god! What on earth was I thinking!!  So I nervously prepared my notes but going through each of his questions and writing down my answers in English. Well it’s the fastest way for me to respond! The only thing was my recording would be in Spanish! So I arrived we sat down he offered me headphones so I could hear myself and I said oh no way! I will die if I listen to myself. (I nearly did when I heard my interview only a few short weeks later!). I have never heard myself recorded in Spanish before. It was very weird and it didn’t even feel like it was me talking!

So for all you Spanish speakers out there! I invite you to listen and tell me what you think of my Spanish skills (after living in Zaragoza for 4 1/2 years) and my answers to the questions! For you American‘s well here is your chance to practice your Spanish skills for when my husband and I have children! hahaha because you know we are going to teach them Spanish so you can learn with them!

One more thing! Alberto mentioned a book I had from the wedding and that I would post photos. I am still waiting for my wedding planning book! As soon as I get it from my Spanish friend I will post pics!!!


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Counting in Spanish

The other day my husband and I decided to make a video…. That’s not totally true, it wasn’t a random idea. He is doing a course to become a Spanish teacher foreigners or ELE as they call it here.  So for his course they had to create a blog. That was an interesting task in it of itself. With a little redecorating touches from me it looked fantastic! As we were was thinking about what to do it came to me! Oranges! Counting oranges! It’s simple, easy and well we had a bag at home. So what did we do … we set up the PC and started the video! No practice run nothing! The video turned out to be a great success! My kids at the academy even liked it! Well let me give you the address and you be the judge!