Trash the dress-What the hel…. did you say..

Yes there I said it “Trash the dress” can you believe it? Well I couldn’t believe it… that’s what I saw this last weekend in a Wedding Expo. It was a new gimmick from a photographer ! I swear the girl was trying to sell this special album to the couple I went with to the expo. So basically it entails destroying your $$$$$ wedding dress and suit for you gentlemen. Yeah I think it’s fantastic to put on my wedding dress again and go to the ocean and trash the dress! Wonderful! let me put my money to waste while someone photographs it and then I pay to have that in a album. Are you serious??? Oh did I mention that the girl was telling my friends that it was soooo American?? I have never seen this ever in any wedding pages. I mean maybe I am out of the loop of the US but serious! I need feed back on this please!!!!