The boxes oh the the horror (no seriously the horror!!!!!)

I am truly appalled by the postal systems. I can’t really put my finger on who is to blame Spain or the US, but someone has to be blamed! I received about 6 boxes today and let me tell you they are in a disgusting condition. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy. It’s incredible you thing that when you ship something it gets there in one piece. The amount of hours that Angel and I have spent in packing our lives have been ruined by some civil servant who (pardon my words) doesn’t give a d…. about what they are doing. Is this how they treat their own personal effects? I could never imagine in a million years but after looking at my boxes I can now!

I have no other words to describe their condition. I am speechless and for me that’s a big deal. I can say that tears have started to fall because the words aren’t enough and there aren’t any in any language that I can find that are suitable for this.