Rainboots for Easter

Since we decided to drive to the south of Spain for Holy week. I decided to bring my rain boots. Well I know everyone would laugh at me but I am having the last laugh!!!

The only sad thing is that I have to wear them everyday because of the rain and the beautiful processions that occur here can’t go out and parade.  It’s a shame really because they are beautiful! If I have some pics I will post them later.

Getting back to rain boots! Well when I first came to Spain five years ago my then boyfriend now husband said that I didn’t need rain boots because it doesn’t rain in Spain! Well apparently that year it rained a lot more then the norm in Zaragoza! Well guess what I finally found a pair after searching for ages!  So I forced Angel to purchase them! Then I wore them around and people still looked at me strangely! I even wore them to work! Then a sad day came they broke! So I went again in search of new ones! Well IKEA came to the rescue! I found a cute red pair! So I was happy with my rain boots, that I ran in the rain all the time! Then my second sad day came when they too broke!! I couldn’t believe it two pairs of rain boots destroyed! I had a pair in NY and they are still in good conditions! Well this time when I went to in search of rain boots however it was very easy why???? Because finally it has become fashionable to wear them here in Spain!!! Finally!! Well the problem was that I was so lucky with so many breaking that I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on them so in a store called Natur, i found a pair a nice tall pair! They have travelled 500 something miles! And they are getting a fantastic use!