2013 Christmas….Weihnachten… Navidad


Welcome to BesosdesdeNY

Welcome to my new site!!! Besos des de NY!!! I have come to the conclusion that I must retire my old blog http://www.besosdesdezaragoza.com because as much as it hurts I am not longer living there. Since I am living in NY and from NY I thought it would only be right to give my love, thoughts, and opinions from NY. Kisses from NY (the English translation for those not familiar with Spanish) is also my twitter name, so you can follow me here and on twitter too! I promise to continue you providing you great content as before. So now my adventure are on from the place that I grew up but it’s not the same really. I am seeing NY and the USA with completely different eyes and a fantastic husband too!! 

Out with the camera-little things

Out with the camera again this time little things….. here’s what I found

I think it’s very interesting to go to the country side and look not up at the sky like we are accustomed to but to look down at our feet! Sometimes I don’t think we pay enough attention to what’s down there! I found these incredible things when I looked down!