Zaragoza & Flowers 💐

Every year on Oct 12 the Spainards and citizens of other Nations come together to celebrate El Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain.  This year is no different then previous years even for my Husband and I. Since moving to the United States in 2011, we have tired to come back each year for the Festival. There are a few reasons for doing this, the main reason is of course Family. My Husband being the only one of his entire family who lives in the US, owing home during this time offers him the opportunity to spread time with his family. A luxury when there is a ocean separating your and your loved ones. A another reason is because I had the great opportunity to live in Spain for a few years myself before marrying my Husband and honestly fell in love with Spain, so for me it’s a nice escape to a place I love very much as well. Another reason is what’s happening to day the Ofrenda de Flores, in English the Offering of Flowers. On this day one must dress in traditional costume, regardless of the country (that’s one of the most interesting parts) to be able to process with flowers for the Virigin (El Pilar) through the the town to the square of the Basicalla known as El Pilar. El Pilar is a statue of Maria the Virigin with Christ in their arms, this statue has a skirt almost ever day of the year, but today is an exception. The flowers that the processor bring with them are used to make a replica of the statue outside of the Bascillica in the El Pilar Square. I don’t know the exact dimensions of this replica but to put in into perspective about  280,000 people offered flowers in 2016. I think that probably gives one a general idea of how big this skirt becomes. The final reason is tied to the second reason in that I am able to participate in a cultural activity of country to which I am not a Citizen of. It has become a special experience for me in that I started to process the year my husband and I married, 2010. I was hesitant to process before then despite living in Spain. I almost felt well it’s not my culture not apart of my traditions so I why participate. Now I feel the opposite, almost to say it’s become apart of me and a tradition I look forward to each year. I will post some pictures from later today on the second posting El Pilar Part 2.. Now it’s time to get dressed to bring my flowers to the Virgin.

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