Shi………shin splints……

Hi all.. I am sorry that I have not written last weekend’s update till now. I am actually sitting in a Ski Station.. Belleayre to be exact on my lunch break writing my post. 

The second weekend I was all excited.. I was working according to the plan running at least 3 times in the week. Cross training as well. Trying to get my 11,000 steps in everyday too.. Then Saturday came and I thought great I am so ready! Then I started running.. I was okay till the shin splints started.. they made me go slower and slower and it was even painful while walking.. The program diretor was explaining the various reasons why people get shin splints and what helps to prevent them.. I have new shoes, orthothics, compression socks, and such. So I can’t blame it on the fact I don’t have the right equipment.. It’s just my legs…shins.. whatever bodypart you want to call it… 

I tried this week running after the painful Saturday run.. I was successful in that I was abl to complete two full 1.5 miles on the treadmill. The third day was only 1 mile. I just could not give any more and didn’t want to suffer any more pain in the shins. I came home really fustratetd and annoyed that I am still suffering.. I know it takes time and I need to be positive.. its just hard when it’s so pain ful. I tired dseeing my doc but she has no appiointents till April 23rd! That’s a month away……

This weekend I will not be running.. cross training at Belleayre Mountain instead… Let’s see what happens during the week.. hopefully less painfull shin splints….

2 thoughts on “Shi………shin splints……

  1. he leído con un traductor el texto, veo que estas haciendo ejercicio, Al principio cuesta pero si eres constante cada vez será más fácil.
    Yo voy a yoga y estoy contenta. Este año lo hago en la parroquia. Me gusta la profesora y los ejercicios que nos hace, cada día son distintos por lo que es más ameno.
    Un beso,

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