Starting fresh for Spring

I finally have made what I think is a great comittment….. To run a 5K. Yes you read correctly a 5K 3.3 mile run… This for some might be a oxymorn well those who know me at least.. I moved to Spain back in 2006 and had to buy all new shoes becuase the concept of walking was so foreign to me…Well now it’s 9 years later (WOW! I can’t believe it’s been that long since moved there) and I have a FItbit and I acually like to walk. I would never in a million years thinl that I would be saying that I like to walk and want to even run a 5K.  However running is not so foreign if I am acutally really honest! Some might know this but the majority dont know in Highschool many moons ago. I ran the 200 meter and the 100 meter races. I had waffles (running shoes) and was on the local Middle School Team.. I did not continue in High School for various reasons. However I did run.. I did have my share of pain too.. I used to litterally take ice cubes and run them up and down my shins after racing at night becasue I was in such pain.. OKay geting back to why I am writing here. I have been told that writing is a form of therapy. It for sure is  a cheap one! Haha.. I guess I want to write about something postitive one as well. A previous boss (She knows who she is) had said to me it’s better to write positive things than negative ones. What I am going to try and promise to you all is to write about this journey that I have decieded to take. I don’t expect it to be an easy one that’s for sure. What my hope is that you read my posts and send word of encouragement and ideas to help me along the way. That’s what friends are for right?? OKay now off to write the first offical post!!!

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