First every Mile run as an adult…. 

This past Saturday I went on my first every adult group run….Wow sums up my day to be honest.. It was 6:30am and my fablous hubby is trying his best to get me out of the bed…. I woke up thinking what on earth did I get myself into? Seriously it’s 6:30am on a Saturday. I had a really stressful week why am I choosing to get up this early….So i reluctantly got dressed thought about what would happen. Would I make it? Would I just pass out at some point? Would I not be able to make it due to my weight my shin splints… You can tell I am a woman right?? We tend to never stop worrying… I like to think of it more as thinking about possibilities. Hahaha.. Anyways I get to the store about a 25 mins ride by car.. I sit in the lot because for one I am early… Then I finally get out because I see many other folks getting out too. I purchase a In Case of Emergency ID Tag and put it one my shoe…. The owner and group leader gives us a talk about the program and what is expected throughout today and going forward. I am still a little nervous.. Then we go out.. It’ cold! 12+ but then again I have gone out Skiing in -12 so 12+ should be like a heatwave… Just the same I’m still cold. We walk up a large hill and I think please don’t ever let us run up this thing! I talk talking with an alumni of the program about Hot Hot weather as she prefers it to winter… I proceed to tell her I am a skiier and therefore love winter except my nose is frozen at the moment! WE get to the stop and they say okay ready we are going to run.. We run for about 1 min.. I finish and think wow that was not bad… We proceed to continue but at intervals of running and walking I am at the back of the group but there are folks with me so I don’t feel horriffically slow but a part of me was sad I was at the end.  We were out for a total for 20 mins I think. Throughout the run I suffered from Shin Splints… I did not quit though.. I just made my space slower that’s all… We came back to the store and were congratulated by the leader which was nice… Then went home… My training homwork is this Sunday to rest then run at least 2 times this week… I am confident that I can do this.. I just don’t know when I am going to run.. It’s  probably going to be at night in the dark and I am going to drag my hubby with me! hahaha…He did say to me on your not going to Hoboken on Monday so you can go to the gym tomorrow morning… I looked a tthe alendar and there is a class at 5:30am. It’s Bootcamp… Hmmm not sure if that’s the right option… So let the journey begin……

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